High-tech theater seats take audience along for the ride

April 3, 2015: D-Box seats on display at Cinemark at Valley View.
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VALLEY VIEW, Ohio -- Home theaters are so high quality now that theater chains are looking for new ways to lure people into their seats.

A couple weeks ago, Cinemark at Valley View ordered D-Box seats. The theater is testing the seats with the movie "Insurgent," and Friday night, folks came out in droves to see the highly popular "Furious 7."

Ericka Reynolds was one of the people we had try out the new D-Box seats.

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"Wow, it moves with everything," she said.

"All the action movies should have something like this, it's more intense for the movie," said moviegoer Fernando Lugo.

Not all the action movies just yet, Valley View has two different theaters with 24 of the seats. "Furious 7" was selling out all 48 seats all night long Friday.

"I think they are amazing," said moviegoer Jackie Prokay. "I love the way they move with the cars and the people."

"With all the car scenes and explosions, I think it was worth it," said moviegoer Joe Prokay.

"It was different," said moviegoer Zoe Reynolds. "It had more action and with the seats it felt like you were in the movie in the car."

But not everybody was a fan.

"Not really," said Ericka Reynolds' nephew. "Just didn't like it."

"If you want to try these the D-Box seats they are another $8. The seats have four different levels, so you can adjust the vibrations to your comfort level.

"I kept it all the way up to the max," said Jackie Prokay. "But I didn't get sick or anything."

"I bumped it all the way to the top and I still didn't think it was enough," said James Dennis Stringer.

So for those who did like it, we asked what other movies they wanted to see in the seats?

"We were just talking about that," said Joe. "'Mad Max' is coming out."

Motion-generating technology has officially hit Cleveland.

"Of the ones announced 'Mad Max: Fury Road'," said Stringer. "Of the ones not announced, 'Spectre', the next James Bond movie would be awesome."

"I want to see 'Star Wars'," said Jackie.

"That 'Jurassic Park' movie, and that 'Mad Max' movie," said Reynolds. "Definitely the 'Mad Max' movie."