Cleveland Cavaliers J.R. Smith's daughter, Dakota, is released from the NICU

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Just ahead of game 4 the Smith family has a little more reason to be both anxious and excited. 

The Smith family has shared the journey of being the parents of a premature baby since the beginning. 

The couple took to Instagram Tuesday to make a special announcement.


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Their baby girl, Dakota was released from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Just a week after the Smith family delivered flowers to other mothers in the NICU, they received this wonderful news. 

Dakota Smith was born at just five months old on January 2. 

She weighed only one pound. 

Since her birth, J.R. Smith and his wife Shirley Smith, also known as Jewel have shared the milestones of their journey on social media. 

Shirley even blogs about their journey with a premature baby girl, the blog is titled myKotabear.  \