Lynna's Life Hacks: The secret to cooking perfect bacon

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CLEVELAND -- You've probably cooked corn on the cob and bacon countless times.

But try our cooking tricks, and you may never cook them the same way again.

Cookin' Corn

Skip the stringy mess from shucking corn, and don't wait for your large pot of water to boil. Instead, microwave the entire un-shucked ear of corn on high for 3 minutes (we like peeling off the dirtiest outside layer first).

Use an oven mitt to handle the corn, because it'll be hot. Slice off the base, cutting off the last quarter inch of the cob. Then grab the other end, and shake.

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A perfectly cooked corn on the cob wiggles out with no strings attached! 

Add more cooking time for multiple ears of corn. Using this method, we were able to shuck and cook four ears of corn to perfection in a lot less time for a pot of water to boil.

Makin' Bacon

Cooking bacon on the stovetop beats the oven when it comes to taste, but frying bacon in a pan can leave a greasy mess.

The secret to perfect bacon on the stove? It's water.

Add just enough water to cover the bottom of the pan before cooking the bacon on medium-high. The water plumps the meat, renders the fat and dramatically reduces grease splatter. After the water evaporates, reduce heat to medium-low.

You'll wind up with perfectly crisp, yet tender bacon -- with a lot less mess.

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