See the Possible: Little Free Libraries come to Fairfax

Little Free Library
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CLEVELAND -- It was a simple idea to share books with friends and neighbors.

Now five years later it has grown in a movement that has gone around the world, all because of the love of reading, and it is making a huge impact right here at home.

It's simple: take a book and return a book.

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The small structures bring books into schools and communities that may not have a library close by.

So when it was announced the Fairfax neighborhood will get five Little Free Libraries, it made 8-year-old Madison very excited.

"I have a lot of books, and it would be a good time to exchange them. We have a book, but we also give a book, so we both win," said Madison.

PNC Bank supports the Little Free Library movement and will have one in their Fairfax Connection building.

"Literacy opens up success for everyone, whether that be financial, and it helps you open up for jobs, whatever it is you want to do," said Collette Appolito, the VP executive director of PNC Fairfax Connection.

A grassroots group is working to place the little boxes near Cleveland schools to foster a sense of community around reading. Like the one by Luis Munoz Marin School.

"They are all clambering to see if there are any books in here. It's like Christmas every Friday at Luis Munoz Marin School," said teacher Kitty Merk.

Even regular libraries love this idea, since they are both working toward the same goal.

"We want every kid to be inspired with this love of reading. Because we know not only is it going to be something they can take with them as a lifelong love, but also they are going to do much better at school if they love books," said the director of the Cleveland Public Library, Felton Thomas.

There are over 2,000 Little Free Libraries worldwide, with at least 80 in the Cleveland area.

Interactive map of their locations:

To connect to the Little Free Library Cleveland Movement, visit: