Tips for filing a storm damage claim

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As homeowners begin to survey any damage to their homes following Sunday’s storm across the state, questions related to filing storm damage claims have surfaced. 
The Ohio Department of Insurance lists a number of tips for those planning to file a claim, including calling your insurance company as soon as you can. Each policy is different. It's recommended that homeowners check their individuals policies to see if there's a certain timeframe in which you are required to file a claim. 
Homeowners should also closely inspect their property for damage and take photos of the any damage. 
Attorney General Mike Dewine released a warning to residents today citing the potential for “storm chaser scams,” which points to phony individuals or companies offering services to take advantage of residents after a storm. 
Residents are encouraged to research the business, get multiple estimates and get a detailed contract  before moving forward with a company offering repairs. 

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