SANDUSKY, Ohio -- “They’re Coming.”

That’s the message Cedar Point dishes out its in latest taunting tease regarding the future of the Mean Streak wooden roller coaster.

The cryptic hint came in the form of an 18-second video with scratchy Western music and grainy footage that offers a closer glimpse of the new twisted coaster track.

Cedar Point has released no official word on what the future holds for Mean Streak since the rickety coaster gave its final rides last year on Sept. 16.

Fans have been saying for months the ride is being upgraded to a wood-steel hybrid courtesy of Rocky Mountain Construction, a company known for its innovate improvements to outdated wooden coasters.

All construction photos of Mean Streak's transformation are evidence that seems to solidify the RMC rumors are true.

“The excitement building for this ride is huge,” James Parker Jr. posted in a fan forum on “2018 is going to be insane.”

There are still others, however, who speculate the upgraded coaster will debut sooner than expected.

“Teasing this early..... I'm now on board with the ride opening before the end of 2017,” bgiese posted in the same forum.

More than 26 million people climbed aboard Mean Streak’s rough journey since making its debut in May 1991.

Cedar Point opens for the 2017 season on Saturday, May 6. Here are the confirmed additions coming to the park this summer: