A former U.S. Postal Service employee from Akron will serve 37 months in jail for multiple drug charges.

Federal authorities say 29-year-old Rabih Kairouz and two other workers intercepted packages containing marijuana at the Akron post offices and sold the marijuana to 27-year-old Anton D. Easter between February and May of this year. All four shared the profits before the postal service and the Akron Police Dept. conducted an investigation.

In addition, officials also say Kairouz stole roughly a kilo of methamphetamine that he stole from the mail.

Among the other two postal workers, 33-year-old Scott Gray Jr. of Canton was also sentenced to six months behind bars and six months house arrest while 26-year-old Corey Turnbull of Ravenna received probation. Anton D. Easter is awaiting sentencing.