Thursday marks a sad anniversary for Carly Kotlyn of Lakewood. It will be two years since her twin brother, Cameron, overdosed on heroin and died.

She told WKYC Channel 3 News that she blames pharmaceutical companies for the loss.

She said her brother grew addicted to painkillers after he was treated for a cyst on his lower back.

“I go to emergency rooms and the first the first thing they want to do for a toothache is ‘here’s some Percocet’s,’” she said. “They don’t see the aftermath for these families, they don’t see funerals.”

On Wednesday, Ohio’s Attorney General took steps to help families like hers.

Mike DeWine announced he is suing the makers of both brand name and generic opioid painkillers. Purdue, Johnson & Johnson, Teva, Endo Health and Allergan were all named in a suit.

DeWine alleges the companies understated the risks of their drugs and called it the second lawsuit of its kind filed by a state.

“These drug companies knew that what they were saying was wrong. But they did it anyway, and they continue to do so,” DeWine said.

Ohio is seeking damages for the resources it spent on the epidemic, as well as compensation for families who were impacted.

Kotlyn hopes it sends a message to drug-makers.

“The only way that’s going to make sense for them is if it hits their pocket,” she said.