The Ohio Dept. of Commerce Division of Unclaimed Funds is warning Ohioans about a website claiming fees must be paid in order to receive missing money.

The site, called, tells users they will receive their unclaimed funds after paying fees ranging from $12 to $29.99.

The Division of Unclaimed Funds reminds Ohioans that there is no cost to retrieve unclaimed funds. The website is not affiliated with the Division of Unclaimed Funds.

The site also provides fake details about Ohio properties and fraudulent claim forms, which are not actually accepted by the Division of Unclaimed Funds.

Some victims have found the website via search engine, while others received a call from the company from 866-955-1623.

If you are looking for your unclaimed funds, it's best to do so by working directly with the Division of Unclaimed Funds online here, or by calling 877-644-6823.