Former Ashtabula County Sheriff's Deputy James Truckey received a 90-day jail sentence today for charges stemming from a Sept. 2016 incident.

Truckey was found guilty of felonious assault and records tampering (along with misdemeanor assault and dereliction of duty) after he punched Eric Dirrigl multiple times following a pursuit on Sept. 11, 2016. Truckey was later fired from the force, and Dirrigl claims he suffered brain trauma from the incident.

Truckey also received an additional 90-day suspended sentence, a suspended $1,000 dollar fine, and three years probation. However, he will not serve time in prison until he has completed his appeal.

Prior to sentencing, Ashtabula County Proseciutor Nicholas A. Iarocci told those present in court his office "receive[s] no enjoyment or satisfaction in prosecuting a former law enforcement officer...but we have jobs to do."

"I am certain none of us would be here at this moment if Truckey from the beginning or at some point would have simply said, 'I made a mistake, and I am sorry,'" Iarocci added.

Should Truckey lose his appeal, he will serve his sentence in the Lake County Jail.