On Tuesday, the National Weather Service confirmed it was, in fact, an EF2 tornado that struck Williamsfield Township in Ashtabula County Sunday night.

For Robert Fink, it could have been deadly.

He was inside his home on Route 322 when he noticed the storm outside.

“I looked up, the camper was spinning in circles up there like 20 feet,” he said.

Grabbing his wife and grown daughter, he said they ducked between couches in their living room.

“I don’t know how we got through, but we did,” he said. “It happened in a split second. It was just like ‘bang’ it was here. There was no thunder roll, or nothing.”

At one point, he said wood flew in from outside.

“It was like little torpedoes, pieces of firewood…coming through those windows,” he said. “You can’t get away from it. The only thing you can do is get down and cover up.”

Power is still out in the area, though on Tuesday, neighbors could be seen helping each other by clearing trees and rebuilding roofs along 322.

Though his home is a total loss, Fink has not complained.

“Everybody’s alive. Just sticks and stones,” he said. “You know, yeah, it was everything I have. But you know something? What’s important in my life I still got.”

He said he is grateful to a stranger who offered his family a camper for the winter. Prior to that, he said they considered staying in their backyard tool shed.