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Politics and everything else have taken a back seat to a glorious week that pulled the whole community to celebrate the long-time-coming championship won by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Can that spirit of unity carry over and help the community address ongoing problems?

Big sporting events often produce "bets" between officeholders. Find out what Sherrod Brown won from California Senator Barbara Boxer.

Local and state political parties are getting ready to grab their share of attention around the Republican National Convention.

Both Cuyahoga County political parties just moved into new homes and are hoping to draw new energy from the convention.

Cuyahoga County Republicans are inviting guests to come visit Gray's Armory for simulcast convention coverage.

They've been engaging in local outreach efforts to diversify and expand the party's base.

How will the local party spread that message in the wake of Donald Trump's controversial remarks about Mexicans, Muslims and other groups?

State Republicans plan to hold a series of events saluting state officeholders.

State and local Democrats plan to counter the message of Donald Trump with press events, social media and national party figures coming to make the case for Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump is up in the most recent Ohio poll. He has dropped in national polls. Why did he seem to gain ground here ?

WKYC's Tom Beres discusses these topics with Cuyahoga County Republican Party Executive Director Julie Kirk and Cuyahoga County Democratic Party Vice Chairman and Cleveland Community Relations Director Blaine Griffin on this edition of Between the Lines.