On Nov. 22, 1990, 41-year-old Elaine Johnson of Parma went missing from her apartment on Stumph Road. Her money and I.D. were still in her apartment, and her car was in the parking lot, but her keys were missing, and her clothes were in the complex's laundry room with her storage locker open.

Johnson has not been seen since that day nearly three decades ago. She would be 68 years old Thursday.

Even so many years later, authorities are not giving up, and now the Ohio Bureau of Criminal is using technology to assist with the case.

Starting today, the Ohio BCI will be available to assist local police departments in making age-progression photographs to show what missing persons might look like if they were seen today. The first such photograph is that of Elaine Johnson and her approximate appearance at age 68.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine believes age-progression photographs could lead to new tips that help bring old missing persons cases back into the public eye.

"The hope is that someone will recognize a photo, and we'll find that missing person safe and sound," DeWine added. "But if foul play is involved, we hope the new attention to these cases will convince those with information that it is time to come forward."

Anyone with information on Johnson's whereabouts is asked to call the Parma Police Dept. at (440) 885-1234 or Det. Joseph Duganier at (440) 887-7337.