A body has been recovered from Chippewa Lake in Medina County.

There is no confirmation yet as to the identity of the body. Sheriff's Office deputies have confirmed that the body has been taken to the morgue to be identified by the Medina County Coroner.

WKYC's Hillary Golston spoke with the kayaker who discovered the body in the lake just after 2:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. The kayaker, Frank Webber, said the body looked like that of a middle-aged man with brown hair. He says the body was water logged and the feet were just touching the bottom of the lake.

Webber says the lake was flat. He saw a bump in a distance and went Investigate and discovered the body laying face up in water four or five feet deep. "It looked like a dolls head or maybe a mannequin," he explained. "As I got closer, I could see there was a body down in the water."

The man who discovered the body at Chippewa Lake on Tuesday, Frank Webber. 

"I was in Vietnam for a year, so I've seen a lot of bodies. So it was was unfortunate to find something like that. First time I ever found a body while I was kayaking."

Golston also said officials from the Medina County Sheriff's Office, EMS and the Medina County Coroner were at the scene.

This is the same area that investigators have been searching for missing Lafayette Township Trustee Bryon Macron.

His car was found close to the scene.

"The face was swollen, the hair was falling out... but I can definitely see the resemblance," Frank Webber said of the possibility the body could be that of Bryon Macron.

"You can tell he's been in the water a long time. So maybe he has a wife, maybe he has a family that wondered whatever happened to him. So I think, God brought me here today."

Back on Jan. 5, Medina County Sheriff's Capt. David Centner said that "On the morning of Mr. Macron's disappearance (Dec. 16), Chippewa Lake was ice covered except in the center. The lake and surrounding areas including the inlet and outlets were searched by Sheriff s Deputies and an Ohio State Highway Patrol plane. Access roads between the Township Complex and Beachside Drive where his vehicle was found were also searched."

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