Police called it a "freak accident" that killed a Medina mom on Friday.

A tree blew over killing 28-year-old Devon Cook in her SUV.

Those who loved and knew her best tell us they're still struggling with just how much was lost.

Trying to wrap their minds around the way she died, the day she died.

Cook turned 28-years-old on Thursday.

She died on Friday.

"It was a freak accident in the blink of an eye," says Kim Pace, Cook’s co-worker at Dental Works Medina.

Pace says Cook wasn’t far from home when it happened.

The police report says Cook was driving southbound on River Styx road in Montville Township.

Her baby, Victoria, was just behind her buckled into the car seat in back, when a tree crashed down onto her moving car and killed Cook.

"To think that this was one of our own. We were all broken. Completely broken," says Pace.

Cook died on her boyfriend's birthday.

He’s the father of 1-year-old Victoria. She had no visible injuries but was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

Cook’s 8-year-old son Cayden now has lost both his parents.

Devon's husband, died in the armed services in Afghanistan in 2010.

"That was Cayden's father and to endure another loss was just unbelievable. She loved her family, loved her children above all else.They are the love of her life," says Pace.

Co-worker Tarah Kelley, showing how raw it all still is on Tuesday, said through tears, "I came into work and I look at her parking spot and she wasn't there and just to know that she's not coming back. She truly cared about everyone. She did everything she could for everyone," said Kelley.

So the pledge among co-workers at Dental Works Medina who loved her is to honor Devon,

"By being more selfless. Showing more love. It’s not every day that you tell the people you work with that you love them so much but you do. They are your family and you will always be there for them," says Kelley.

That’s why there is now a go fund me account to help support Cayden and Victoria who have lost so much.

That’s why Pace is sharing her perspective in the wake of so much that doesn’t make sense.

"If it's hugging your kids a little harder at night or saying I love you to those you may not speak to It'sa time to reflect and know life is so precious and not a day is promised," says Pace.

Cook was supposed to be flying to Florida Friday to vacation with her best friend.

That heartbroken pregnant friend in Cleveland instead for her friend’s funeral, on Friday.

Paige Matis told Channel 3 News "We were supposed to be taking her kids to Disney. I planned to ask her to be my soon to be child's god mother."

Devon Cook’s Facebook page shows how so very proud she was of her adorable family.

Now we know why so many adored her.