In Medina County, a mother died on Friday when a tree fell on her SUV as she was driving, her baby in back.

It was one of at least two freak accidents to happen during the bad weather in Montville Township when Mother Nature proved deadly and destructive.

It’s told in the story of 2 moms in Montville Township.

One of tragic loss, the other of gratitude even in the midst of a fire damaged home.

“It’s just a freak accident," is how Montville Township Police Lt. Matt Neil summed up the tragedy that took seconds to unfold.

Devon Cook, a 28-year-old Medina mother, was southbound on River Styx Road. Her baby was just behind her buckled into the car seat in back when a tree crashed down onto her moving car.

"We just had a storm come through. Tthat tree came down onto her vehicle in the driver’s compartment area the vehicle then went off the road way to the left and into the woods," says Neil.

Police say Cook's baby had no obvious injuries, but was taken to the hospital to make sure.

Police say it was the tree that killed Cook, not the crash.

A bizarre tragedy...and then there's THIS.

“Where the tree fell was literally in the exact same spot on River Styx Road where we had a fatal head on crash a few years back. That was on August 3 I believe and here we are on August 4. It’s just a very tragic situation," said Neil.

Friday was a day severe weather dictated Montville police and fire would have to be on their toes.

"The first officers were on scene within seconds. We were on scene of a house fire around the corner," says Neil.

That fire, at Kyra Gobora's home on Emerald Lakes, was sparked by a lightning strike.

"My husband was home and heard this loud crash. Everyone in the neighborhood heard the loud crash. Then he started to smell wood burning and hear crackling and the dog nudged him. He opened the laundry room door and out cam billowing white smoke. Obviously my home is still standing and it could have been a lot worse," says Gobora.

The Goboras without power still Friday night, but they went to bed with a powerful perspective check.

"In retrospect there was a woman who died today so a little girl doesn't have her mom. My girls are home safe. Sure, there’s smoke and fire damage, but it is minor compared to what another family is going through today,” says Gobora.