Former Kent State football strength and conditioning coach Ross Bowsher has responded a day after being dismissed for providing false information about his certification.

Bowsher was supervising the team's June 13 summer conditioning drill after which freshman player Tyler Heintz died.

In a statement on Tuesday, Kent State stated: "During the course of the (internal) review, it was discovered that football strength and conditioning coach Ross Bowsher provided false information about his certification, which is required by the university and the NCAA. Mr. Bowsher has been dismissed from the university, and we are self-reporting this decision to the NCAA."

Bowsher's response on Wednesday: "I am disappointed that the university also released in the same statement that my employment was terminated on the grounds that I provided false information – suggesting that I caused Tyler Heintz’s death."

He added: "I care very much for all my student athletes, and their well-being and safety have always been my top priority. I continue to mourn the loss of Tyler Heintz, and his family remains in my thoughts and prayers.”

Bowsher's spokesperson, Rachel Sorvig, added that although he was working towards his certification, which included securing college credit in a course to prepare for such certification, Bowsher was transparent with Kent State officials regarding his credentials.

There still is no official cause of the death of Tyler Heintz. The preliminary autopsy report stated Heintz had a very high body temperature. The Portage County Coroner’s Office reports it could take several more weeks before official findings are released.