An iconic Cleveland landmark is experiencing a resurgence of sorts and giving local businesses more exposure to our out-of-town guest during the Republican National Convention.

While American flags, banners, and flowers are popping up left and right all around Downtown Cleveland, stores are popping up in the Arcade and these stores hope to stay.

The Red, White and Blue drapes Downtown Cleveland from blooms and billboards to businesses.

"Everything has just been magical," said J3 Clothing Company Owner Jack Madda.

Each day, a new piece magically appears and empty spaces evaporate.

"It has been one of those Godsend things," said Madda. "It all fell into place."

Jack Madda owns J3 Clothing Company.

"Our specific RNC tie," said Madda. "It is a wearable piece of art."

His men's clothing store opens with six other stores to temporarily fill space in the historic Arcade on Euclid Avenue. You will also find Cleveland in a Box, 216 Gallery, CLEan, The Hidden Closet, The Powder Room and Monica Potter Home.

"This is putting us on the map," said Monica Potter. "It is putting small businesses on the map. It is putting the City of Cleveland on the map."

Monica Potter says she feels the resurgence in Cleveland, and believes it will only get better after the RNC.

"The feeling in the air, that's palpable," said Potter.

The feeling wraps all around the city.

"Some of them you can tell it has something to do with Cleveland," said Eric Shreve.

Shreve works for Central Graphics out of Cuyahoga Falls. He spent the day wrapping utility boxes with local artwork.

"Just to liven up the area," said Shreve. He expects to cover about a dozen of them. "I think it is awesome," said Shreve.

The color, charge and commitment is here to stay as the rest fades away.

"Yes, we are here for the convention, but we have an opportunity to stay here, and we want to stay here," said Madda.

About 15 businesses already call the Arcade their permanent home, and two new restaurants will be moving in soon.