Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is greeting a very special BCI agent.

He's Reptar, a black lab with a very sensitive nose. It's dialed in to a specific chemical signature

"These certain chemicals are found in any electronic device that has a storage capability, whether it be small micro SD cards to full tower computers, hard drives, everything in between," explains DeWine.

Josh is Reptar's handler. The two-year-old pup trains every day, searching for hidden storage devices. He's also had success aiding on search warrants with the Crimes Against Children Unit.

"We did a search of the house looking for devices that stored child pornography. And he kept hitting on a dresser drawer. Then one of our agents took a knife and we realized it was a false bottom drawer. In between, there was an SD card. He was alerting on the SD card and we wouldn't have found because it was hidden," Josh explains.

As criminals use technology to store data and hide their crimes, investigators now have a way to find that hidden evidence.

"We've learned so much that he can help in so many other investigations, so that's why he's available for anything that might have anything to do with electronic media as evidence," says Josh.

DeWine adds, "having Reptar there takes us to a whole new world, really."