CLEVELAND -- Fans of Cash Explosion experienced a whole new edition of the Ohio lottery’s TV game show Saturday night.

And many of them aren’t happy with the overhaul…

Viewers filled Cash Explosion’s Facebook page with commentary surrounding their disappointment with how “boring” the new show is.

One fan even started a petition to bring the original Cash Explosion back.

“After watching the first episode of the new Cash Explosion, I found out that the new format was horrible,” the movement declares. “It eliminates the interaction and the excitement with the players. The set was dark and the theme music was creepy. … So, in writing this petition, I say we need to bring back the format we all know and loved very much.”

Only 15 people signed it as of noon Monday.

The previous incarnation of Cash Explosion had four contestants per round take three turns each to win money by slapping a stopper button that would land on a letter in the word “Explosion.” That player would then choose the corresponding letter in the word “Cash” they wanted to turn over. That person would win whatever prize money was revealed.

Watch an episode of the original version:

The revamped version, however, has squeezed all eight contestants into a single round. Each player takes their turn approaching the “Spotlight” game board one at a time to pick three numbered tiles. The money behind those three tiles would then be added up. The two players with the most accrued money move on to the “Cash Challenge” finale.

While the “Cash Challenge” has a slightly different look, its concept remains the same.

The majority of the reaction from viewers on Facebook was negative. Here's a sampling of those comments:

Maryann Howe: “If it’s not broken don’t fix it. I liked the old show better. We need to get the old show back.”

Tina Kadvan-Gilpin: “No excitement. So disappointed will probably not watch anymore. Actually I’m going to stop buying the tickets.”

Kimberly Becka: “The new show is terrible! The format is ridiculous…. Don’t know why they messed with the old one!”

Kristy Kiser Bailey: “Do not like the new show at all. Not exciting. Bring back the old way.”

Albert Smith: “Too slow and boring. Whoever decided on switching format needs FIRED.”

Brittany Keplinger Beatty: “I’m always excited to watch this show every weekend, however tonight I was disappointed. I didn’t like the new format at all! Why change a good thing that was already working? It was more exciting and understandable… This new format is BORING!!! Please bring the old way back!”

Mark Smith: “The new format is awful. You barely had me as a viewer as it was. Not watching again.”

Tammy Fairchild: “The new show is a little odd. It will take some time getting use to it.”

Dolores Sherbourne: “Did not like the new show.”

Jim Agee: “Pitiful.”

Janice Gambrel: “I always looked forward to this show but not anymore. The new show is not exciting at all. Why change a good thing?”

Leslie Faye Atwood: “I don’t like this new show. I hope they bring back the old show. I agree with everyone else that it is dark, boring and dull. I miss the audience and excitement. I’ll try to watch one more time.”

Richie McLaughlin: “The new show sucks! I bet they won’t stay on TV for very long with the new format. Very boring. I won’t be buying anymore tickets to try and get on the show.”

Liz Dolego: “Not a fan of the new show. What happens when an elderly person has to walk up to podium? Whoever thought this new set up was a good idea should be fired.. tonight!!”

Brandon Wood: “Used to be a fan. Not anymore. Trying to be too dark and serious. This format does not work. The old format may have been nearly 30 years old, but it worked for what it was. There is no more atmosphere on this show. It’s bland. The excitement is gone. I’ve never been so bored…. Will not watch anymore.”

Wally Blazer: “I’m so sad – this new show sucks – I always looked forward to watching – it was so boring I almost fell asleep.”

Bonnie Wykoff: “What a crappy show now. Hate it. Doubt if we will watch again. Totally dull. Fire the creative soul who came up with this remake!!”

Debbie Speakman: “Very disappointed in the new show format! The old show had audience participation, this one does not. Bring back the old show.”

Wayne Miller: “This is so boring and long. No reason to change the format. The last few times they tried to change it, it didn’t work. If you continue with this format, I will stop watching. …”

A few did express their appreciation for the new version. Here's what two of them had to say.

Carla Creager: “It wasn’t that bad but I do think I like old version it felt more exciting. I always watch the show and look forward to it every week!”

Tricia Marie Scior: “LOVE the new show.”