A comic, a politician and an actor.

Three careers in limbo amid new sexual harassment and assault allegations.

Two new well known names are facing allegations of sexual impropriety: Comedian Louis CK and U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore from Alabama.

The Washington Post says Roy Moore initiated a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old girl when Moore was 32. There are calls for him to step aside "if the report is true" from U.S. Senate leadership and President Trump.

Moore denies the allegations. He says he's been targeted by the "Obama-Clinton Machine, forces of evil trying to silence Christian Conservatives like me."

The New York Times is reporting that comedian Louis CK crossed the line into sexual misconduct in incidents dating back to 2002. As a result of the reports, his movie premiere and appearances on network TV shows Thursday night were scrapped.

CK did not comment on the allegations to the Times report.

There's more fallout in the allegations against actor Kevin Spacey: He's lost another job.

Director Ridley Scott is removing the actor from his upcoming film "All the Money In the World."
His replacement will be Hollywood veteran Christopher Plummer. The re-shoots are beginning immediately, the movie is still set to come out on December 22nd.

And another new name surfaced on Thursday night: Matthew Weiner, the creator of the show 'Mad Men,' has been leveled with new allegations of sexual harassment according to a report cited in the Hollywood magazine "Variety".