CLEVELAND -- All the rumors surrounding LeBron James' "Decision: Part 2" has basketball fans going wild.

So forget the speculation and insiders for a moment.

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Channel 3's Will Ujek went to a wise, old owl to find out where LeBron will be heading!

ID=12304143The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo had Tawny the owl predict where LeBron James will be going.

Watch the video to find out Tawny's prediction.

Unlike four years ago, LeBron James won't be holding an ESPN special to reveal where he's playing basketball next.

Instead, the Akron-born NBA sensation will make the big announcement on his own Web site.

Speculation continues to swirl on whether LeBron will be back in a Cavs uniform or if he will stick with the Miami Heat.

Many hopefuls point to his return to Cleveland after looking at where there are a pair of large Akron references.

The first is a quote that's in all caps and prominently placed on the homepage. It declares: "Just a kid from Akron, Ohio." His hometown is also showcased in a picture of LeBron wearing a hat with "Akron" plastered across the front.

Could these be hints that LeBron will make a Cleveland comeback?