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After two years of planning, the Republican National Convention is ready to become a reality.

It's a historic week for the Republican Party and the city of Cleveland.

This is not the four-day Republican commercial everyone expected when Cleveland made its bid.

Donald Trump's hostile takeover of the party will produce a much different event.

Will security plans be adequate to deal with all the tension, protesters and concerns about domestic and international terror?

What kind of convention will it be without past Republican Presidents, nominees and the host state's top Republican officials Governor John Kasich and Senator Rob Portman?

Will the RNC lay the groundwork for possible international business deals involving foreign companies and Cleveland.?

73 ambassadors will be in town. And the newly energized Global Cleveland and Case Western Reserve University have plans to make connections and show off what Cleveland has to offer businesses in their countries.

Former Cleveland City Councilman Joe Cimperman is bringing his dynamic style as Global Cleveland's new leader, hoping to raise its game.

Cleveland City Council has tackled a big problem and sent a contrary message to Republicans.

Transgender people are now able to use the restroom or locker room they identify with and are most comfortable in under city law.

The change came days after Republicans adopted a platform against transgender students being able to use restrooms of their choice.

WKYC Senior Political Correspondent Tom Beres discusses these issues with Columnist Mark Naymik and Channel 3 Political Analyst, longtime journalist and now political consultant Mary Anne Sharkey on this edition of Between the Lines.