CLEVELAND -- In an exclusive interview with GQ prior to his reinstatement hearing, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon ripped Cleveland fans and detailed harassment he felt because of his substance-abuse violations.

Additionally, Gordon detailed his prolific usage of alcohol and drugs prior to every game of his career in the National Football League, but after reporting to the team facility earlier this week, the talented pass-catcher has turned the page toward the future, not the past.

“For me, being here right now, I think I am trying to relate everything back to football and taking advantage of the platform being here,” Gordon said Wednesday. “Underneath this roof, I am sticking to the football facts, football basis, football-based questions and what I can do to help this team now.

“I am here to help the team win. That is my first priority. Being the best football player I can be, that comes first and foremost. Anything else after that, I have no control over. I am here to help this team win and do that the best way I know how, and that is being the best wide receiver.”

Seemingly, Gordon tried to talk his way out of Cleveland during the interview, but he credits the organization for its support of him throughout the process and is “glad to be back” in an NFL locker room after missing nearly three years because of suspensions.

“The organization in its entirety has been very instrumental in helping implement the transition back here,” Gordon said. “I am definitely appreciative of everybody. It has been a full job for everybody. I have leaned on everybody and they have been able to help me, so I am thankful for that.

“Now, I know I have the support in place outside and inside of the building. My life is a just a conducive space of who I need to be for me. Psychologically and physically, it is all coming together. Right now, at this point in time in my life, I am feeling well. I am feeling great.”

Since his Pro Bowl season of 2013, Gordon has been suspended for 41 consecutive games dating back to the final week of 2014, which was a team ban for reportedly missing a walk-through prior to a trip to Baltimore to play the Ravens.

Gordon has been suspended for a total of 53 career games, 52 of which were NFL bans for positive drug and alcohol tests.

“I think just living it out, honestly and just seeing it through, seeing what is next,” Gordon said. “Ultimately, nobody knows what the future holds. As long as I stay trekking and control what I can control and do my part, the rest will either take care of itself or play itself out. I do not know, but I plan on approaching it the best way I can. The best way I know how is just doing what I can do.

“I look at every day as a new opportunity and making the best I can of what I am given and what I am told to do, but inside of my control, that is all I have is working hard and continuing to perform at the best possible level I can. Anything else outside of that is outside of my control. I am staying optimistic.”