CLEVELAND - A new movie will be hitting theaters nationwide on June 16, but some people in Cleveland have already seen it.

Director Colin Trevorrow has a pretty busy few years of movie making lined up with several blockbusters already in the works. However, he wanted to squeeze in a passion project entitled, The Book of Henry, first and wanted to screen it outside of Los Angeles and New York. Enter, Cleveland.

Trevorrow says, “I’ve been through Cleveland a few times. I try to drive across the country whenever I can and talk to people and spend time with the audience that’s actually going to see these films. I think you can’t really reach anyone emotionally if you can’t find universal issues that we can talk about. This movie has a lot of them.”

Shot in 35 days on a $10 million budget, The Book of Henry is almost the complete opposite of Trevorrow’s last movie, Jurassic World, which had a price tag of about $150 million. Jurassic World rewarded the filmmakers for all that money spent by bringing in the largest opening weekend of all time 2 years ago. The Book of Henry opens this weekend.

However, no matter the size of the movie, actors and actresses have all been raving about working with Trevorrow.

Young, Jacob Tremblay who plays Peter Carpenter says, “He was really fun. He’s done my favorite movie, Jurassic World and I’ve heard he’s going to do Star Wars: Episode 9 and that’s like my favorite movie of all time.”

Tremblay has heard right. Now that The Book of Henry is in theatres, Trevorrow has begun work on writing and directing the Jurassic World sequel to be followed by writing and directing the 9th installment of the Star Wars franchise.

Trevorrow says, “Movies like that are in my DNA. They’re in my blood. I know Star Wars deeply and I know Jurassic Park deeply because I grew up on these films. Star Wars especially, just informed me how to be, what kind of person to be. I’m able to tap into something that is much deeper within me and my history as a person than I would for any other film.”