ESPN Cleveland radio personality Sabrina Parr was fired from her position Wednesday following comments she made on Cleveland Browns rookie Jabrill Peppers.

Parr, a part-time personality on "The Really Big Show", went on air Wednesday with Tony Rizzo and Aaron Goldhammer and made claims that Peppers is "on the Lean" and on Molly. "On the Lean" refers to a codeine and candy concoction.

The dialogue began with Parr insisting that Peppers won't make it beyond his first year in the NFL. When asked why she was being so harsh on Peppers, Parr quipped, "How are you already high out of your mind and you've only been here for a week?"

"Who's high out of their mind?" Rizzo asked.

Parr responded with, "Peppers!"

Though Peppers will start his rookie season in Stage One of the NFL's drug program after recording a dilute sample at the NFL Combine, there has been no proof of him using drugs.

But the conversation continued down a slippery slope when Parr also accused Joe Thomas of drug use.

Someone brought up one of Thomas' tweets regarding the flaws within the NFL's drug testing procedures, and Parr replied, "He's on the Lean, too!"

Parr took to Twitter in attempt to backtrack on her comments, claiming she was "misquoted" and taken out of context. She also tried to claim her accusations against Joe Thomas were a joke.

Listen to the conversation in its entirety below:

UPDATE: On Thursday, Parr put the following thoughts out on Twitter: