CLEVELAND -- It’s the story of how Peter became Pan -- and it just landed in Cleveland for a stint at Playhouse Square through Nov. 20.

The Broadway musical, Finding Neverland offers a glimpse into the past, when playwright J.M. Barrie crafted the timeless story of Peter Pan.

The inspiration came from a group of young, imaginative brothers who spent their days on adventures in the land of make believe. Barrie used their sense of wonderment to pen the tale of a boy who refused to group up.

“It’s so amazing to be a part of this amazing cast and all that great stuff,” says Jordan Cole.

“It’s such an amazing story,” adds Ben Krieger.

“When I was younger, I mean I still am young, but when I was like 7, I couldn’t get enough Peter Pan,” claims Mitchell Wray.

Now these young thespians are getting to be a part of the story they think is so amazing. Night in and night out, they travel the country portraying the Llewelyn Davies children and in the process, becoming as close as family.

“We’re all brothers,” declares Finn Faulconer.

“We’re so close. It started with rehearsals, we’re best friends,” Cole adds.

In between the shows and four hours of school each day, the kids say they’ve had a blast exploring each city they’ve toured. Number one on their Cleveland list is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, because you may not know it to look at them, but these kids are rockers.

“I like AC/DC. They’re so cool!” Wray proclaims.

“I like Led Zepplen,” Cole adds.

And if there is actually a Neverland, these boys are hoping to find it, because as Krieger puts it, “Us kids are having more fun than the adults are.”


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