Fox News' Megyn Kelly has dubbed 2016 as the "Year of Trump."

The host and Republican president-elect Donald Trump went through several well-publicized exchanges during the campaign cycle.

She touches on several of those moments in her just released memoir Settle for More.

She'll appear on Dr. Phil, airing on WKYC Channel 3 Tuesday at 5 p.m., to discuss the new book.

Before the interview, learn a little more about Kelly.

Her roots are in New York. Kelly was born in Syracuse, according to She stayed in the city to attend Syracuse University to study politics, and later studied law at the Albany Law School.

Being bullied as a middle school student shaped her. She recounted the story in a 2014 piece in Elle magazine:

"It was a year of torture. That's the peak year of wanting to be accepted and feeling very uncomfortable in your own skin, not really under-standing who you are or where you fit in—if at all. And when the messages keep coming back—'you don't fit in,' 'you're not likable,' 'you don't have friends'—it's hard."

The magazine added that she later wrote about "how being bullied made her don a brittle carapace of invulnerability that both goaded her to career success and for a long time hindered her ability to make herself emotionally vulnerable and to connect with others."

She's a mom. Kelly has three children (Edward, 7, Yardley, 5, and Thatcher, 3) with her second husband, Douglas Brunt.

She says she's faced sexual harassment. In the Dr. Phil episode, People reports former Fox News CEO Roger Allies made "inappropriate comments" towards her over a period of several months.

“It grew more severe over time,” she said. “He said he knew I must have some ‘very sexy bras’ and he’d like to see me in them.”