The Broadway musical "Finding Neverland", on stage at Playhouse Square's Connor Palace, has been extended through Sunday, November 20.

"Finding Neverland" is about the making of Peter Pan.

It follows playwright J.M. Barrie as he struggles to become the writer he has dreamed of becoming.

He finally finds inspiration when he meets a widow and her four young sons, Jack, George, Michael and Peter.

The boys' escapades helps Barrie dream up the magical world of Neverland and he pens the play, "Peter Pan".

Actor Tom Hewitt, who plays Captain Hook and the historical figure Charles Forman, in "Finding Neverland", said the musical touches all of us who are young at heart.

"Every adult can remember back when they were a kid and they just wanted to fly so bad," said Hewitt.

Hewitt, who played Captain Hook to Cathy Rigby's Peter Pan on Broadway, said there is more dimension to Hook in this play.

"He's clearly a villain but he's got some depth," Hewitt said.

Tickets are still available for "Finding Neverland".

You can buy tickets, get more information and see a seating chart by clicking here.