A unique dance performance is coming to Akron's EJ Thomas Hall, Saturday night.

The performance, titled Diving Direction is based on life changing moments.

Mus-effect is a LA based dance company that performs across the county.

It includes four girls, Katie Hazzard, Jordan Salisbury, Brooke Huzl, and Erica Graboski, all originally from Ohio.

The girls use dance to spread uplifting messages among the social issues of our time.

While topics such as abuse, alcoholism, bullying can be sensitive, the dancers say that's the point.

Their goal is to reach out to those in the audience who are suffering and let them know they are not alone.

There is also a message for those bullying or spreading negativity, just stop.

The program is more than just dance, the performers also talk to the audience and spread their message thru videos because they know how much influence social media can have.

Event Information:

EJ Thomas Hall


Tickets: $15

To buy tickets,click here.