CHAGRIN FALLS -- Hollywood production companies coming to Cleveland to make a feature film is becoming more common these days, but here's a plot twist: A local Cleveland production company going halfway around the world, producing a feature film, getting it in the Sundance Film Festival and it winning!

The movie is called "Fishing Without Nets" and just last week, it had its world premiere at Sundance.

The producer of this big movie is from a little town right here in Northeast Ohio.

Brian Glazen is proud of where he came from.

"I'm from Chagrin Falls so this is home to me".

How does a guy from Chagrin Falls get his movie in the Sundance Film Festival?

"There's over 10,000 submissions to Sundance per year," Glazen says. "Out of that, less than 200 are accepted. We had our world premiere at Sundance this year! I'd say for a Cleveland production company, I feel pretty lucky!"

The film tells a story of pirates in Somalia from the perspective of a struggling, young Somali fisherman.

99 percent of those who appear in the film are first time actors. These actors have experience, but not in front of the camera.

"These are actual refugees from Somalia or in some cases people who were pirates now playing a role of themselves in a feature film," Glazen says.

Glazen's company, Think Media Studios, is also plugged in locally.

"We produce your Cavs videos that play on the screen with the big fire blowing out of them. We produce Ohio State University, all their sports intros from hockey to football to basketball. We do local cooperate clients including Cleveland Clinic, Nestle, Parker Hannifin, Steris."

Their latest newest endeavor -- "Fishing without Nets" -- made it to the large screens at Sundance where it won the U.S. Dramatic Directing Award.

So what's next for Glazen?

"We have products in the pipeline of shooting feature films right back in Cleveland again. We're in development on another one that's going to be shooting in Puerto Rico, we're in production of one that's shooting in Las Vegas. I feel pretty lucky and again having my cake and eating it too!

When can we see "Fishing Without Nets"? Hopefully a distribution deal is coming soon enabling us to see it local theater's, Netflix, ITunes and on DVD. And there's a chance it may show up in Cleveland International Film Festival. Keep your fingers crossed and get the popcorn ready!