It only took one man to bring in hundreds of people and hundreds of dollars; the movie about the infamous man who killed 17 men and boys premiered in Cleveland on Friday night.

“My Friend Dahmer” dives into the childhood of Jeffrey Dahmer, his family and his friends.

The film hits close to home for Ohioans since Dahmer’s family relocated to Bath when he was young, and he went to Revere High School in Bath Township.

It sold out at Capitol Theater.

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"It really brings him into a human element and not just a myth,” Jack Coleman, who saw the film, said.

More than his gruesome crimes, “My Friend Dahmer” shows a multi-dimensional teenager and, in a sense, what makes a killer.

"It was like a teenage coming of age movie except it was about Jeffrey Dahmer,” Brandon Renne, moviegoer, said.

WKYC was there when the movie let out and the reviews were quick to follow.

"It was sad, although it felt weird to feel bad for a serial killer,” Renne said. “I'm kind of confused right now in my emotions."

"In a way it makes you feel for Jeffrey, but at the same time it makes you feel very conflicted in the end,” Coleman said.

"I could picture different panels in the book while I was watching it, so I thought they did a great job with that,” KTCV said.

We know the story lands right in our backyard, so moviegoers said you can expect a little nostalgia sprinkled in the film, too.

"I also particularly enjoyed some of the Ohio references, like the Michael Stanley band and the buzzard,” Erin Stone, who enjoyed the film, said.

It sounded like an A+ movie so far, but what did the actors have to say?

"I'm Dave Dahmer, Jeffrey Dahmer's younger brother,” Liam Koeth, actor, said. "They go through some hard times in the film."

Koeth was 11 at the time of the production and in his unbiased opinion, “it was like suspenseful and kind of creepy."

That seemed to be a shared sentiment with the actors and the viewers who gave the movie a thumbs up.

Derf Backderf is the author of the book-turned-movie “My Friend Dahmer,” he said after 21 years of working on the book, this moment was a dream come true.