NOORTHFIELD -- Every year when the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominations are released, and the music industry decides who makes it in and who doesn't, the band Chicago knows attention will soon be coming their way.

"We actually get more press every year because we're not in it than the people who are in it and get press that year," says band member Robert Lamm. "I've heard we've been nominated, we've been on the short list many times, but it sort of stalls at the end."

Fans who saw them Tuesday night at the Hard Rock Rocksino Northfield Park are irked at the repeated snubs.

"I don't think people appreciate the jazz-rock combo," said one fan.

"I cannot believe they are not in there," steamed another.

"Once a year it comes up, and a lot of the people that want us in are outraged that we're not in," says band member Lee Loughnane. "A lot of the people in the hall aren't playing anymore. I feel we're the lucky ones."

The band, which became eligible for the hall 20 years ago, had Springsteen open for them and has more charted singles than any band other than The Beach Boys, don't lose sleep over it.

"I'm completely OK with whatever the gods have planned for us," Lamm says.