Electric Light Orchestra, or ELO, had been waiting since the 70's for Friday night.

ELO Super fan Jack Springer, raised in Lakewood, had been waiting just as long.

"I was the U.S. President of the ELO fan club from 1969-1974. Look on the back of the album, my parents address is on there! In LAKEWOOD!" laughs Springer.

He and wife Sara were like 2 teenagers as they stood in line outside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame before the 2017 Induction Ceremony simulcast from Brooklyn, New York on Friday night.

Joan Baez, with a career spanning more than 55 years, with more than 30 albums, and still touring, is now a 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee.

"I think its about time. She should have been right up there with Bob Dylan," said Debbie Kekelik, of Cleveland, also waiting to see the simulcast.

Some of them have been singing along with Journey since 1973. Like Lisa Morabito from Sagamore Hills at the Rock Hall to watch Journey inducted.

"Since i was 9. Loved Journey. Loved Steve Perry," says Moribito.

Gene Clifford drove all the way from Kentucky to be first in line.

"I came in my Steve Perry costume. I can't wait to see him inducted," said Clifford.

Forget Brooklyn, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...CLEVELAND or bust.

"I had no ticket coming here," says Moribito.

But she had the Journey purse, made out of real vintage Journey albums. "I actually have multiple ones. These are albums. Its an album," Moribito smiles.

Pearl Jam, described as a crossroads of Classic Rock, is a 2017 inductee now. Rapper Tupac Shakur joins the ranks of inductees, too.

Legendary musician songwriter and producer Nile Rogers of the disco era band Chic received the 'Musical Excellence Award' this year.