The band Train made an unscheduled stop in Cleveland Wednesday night, after an audio mishap this past weekend.

Fans who couldn't hear the group perform at their concert Saturday, where treated to a special concert at Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica.

After paying their hard earned money for a concert they couldn’t hear, the band and ticket vendor LIVE Nation made up for it - by scheduling a special, free concert, Wednesday.

As happy as they were tonight, that’s how angry they felt, Saturday.

Fans were thinking of ‘50 ways to say goodbye’ during the Train concert at Blossom, Saturday. Lawn speakers stopped working after the band performed only a handful of songs. During the speaker outage, the crowd chanted "fix the sound."

A happy surprise after the band heard what happened. Train decided to circle back around. Everyone who paid for lawn tickets to Saturday’s concert learned they’d see and hear Train during Wednesday's special performance.

Train posted on Facebook, "While the issues were beyond our control, we still want to make things right.”

Live Nation is also sending a code to lawn ticket holders via e-mail. They’ll get monetary credit toward a future concert at any Live Nation venue including Blossom.