NBC’s new action-packed time-traveling drama is definitely not your Back to the Future scenario. Nothing humorous or whimsical about emergency time travel trips to save American history. Who do you call for that type of job anyway? Any one of Marvel’s Avengers right? Not this time (although no one would have argued about a little extra Chris Hemsworth.) An unsuspecting team is recruited to travel back to critical events to ensure that history indeed repeats itself, despite the mysterious criminal who stole the time machine prototype for unknown, yet presumably evil reasons.

Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer) is a respected history professor whose mother was something of a renowned history professor as well. Though she is looking after her dying mother, Lucy’s life is full and content until she is ambushed by Homeland Security. What do they want with someone like her who leads a quiet life? After learning why she was enlisted, shell-shocked Lucy resists their plea for her help. That is until she is strong-armed into the mission by the ever-so-convincing Homeland Security officer, “I’d think someone who loves history would want to save it.” How could she turn back now?

Lucy meets her counterparts, Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter) and Rufus Carlin (Malcom Barrett) and the reluctant and frazzled history-saving team is born. They are immediately sent on their way to slip in and out of history without raising any eyebrows or causing any changes. And as you can guess, it’s not that easy. If one thread of history unravels, it can change the present in an instant. The chemistry between the improbable teammates is gripping, but will it be enough to save history?

Timeless premieres on NBC October 3 | 10/