CLEVELAND - It’s…a…musical! Something Rotten is currently running at Playhouse Square, taking audiences through a comical story in the renaissance period.

The show tells the story of two playwright brothers who try to one-up Shakespeare by going to someone who sees the future, who tells them the next big thing in theatre will be musicals.

Brian Kennedy, the music director and conductor of the show, said, “It’s so fun. We’re not trying to tell someone’s life story. We’re not staying true to a movie or a book. We’re not trying to make a stand for something that needs to change in the world. We’re just trying to make you laugh for 2 ½ hours.”

As the brothers try to write the first ever musical, comical shenanigans ensue which includes the show stopping nine-minute tune, “A Musical.” The song has countless references to some of the most popular musicals throughout history. Some are obvious, others are harder to spot, even for a somewhat trained ear.

I got about half of them that Brian tested me with, but even if you don’t get each reference, it doesn’t take away from the fun and humor.

Something Rotten runs at Playhouse Square through May 14.