PHOENIX — Let's face it: The past few months have been bad for airlines.

Every other day it seems as if something new is trending on social media that shows a passenger getting beaten up, kicked out or otherwise having a miserable experience.

But the Saguaro Schools Voices of Saguaro High School in the Phoenix suburb of Scottsdale, Ariz., are here to make flying a little more pleasant. At least that's what the singers did a few days ago on a Southwest Airlines flight back from San Francisco, according to Patty Beckman's Facebook post of the video.

The school's vocal music director, GayLin Tutnick, has led the concert choir for more than 20 years.

Watch for the smile on the guy behind the man in the Cincinnati Reds baseball cap as the sopranos hit the high note toward the end of the national anthem. Oh, and the flight attendants — who have been known to sing the safety demo, rap about the oxygen masks and create a comedy routine over the public-address system — didn't make Tutnick sit down before the end of the performance.