In Willoughby Hills, they know him and they love him.

Kenny Pengal, or Kenny P, originally from Willoughby Hills, was chosen last week to advance on NBC's 'The Voice's' Team Gwen.

So on Monday the #KennyPeeps literally wore their admiration and pride as they watched 'The Voice' and cheered him on. It was as plain as Kenny P's trademark mustache they had stenciled on their shirts.

"We are so stoked for him. We can't believe this is all happening for him. It all started at Local Tavern in Willoughby and he's gone so far," said Kelly Roush, who is married to Local Tavern Owner, Tim Roush.

"Being from Cleveland, the city of champions, the whole family is there and everyone I grew up with so I know they will all be kind of rooting for me," said Kenny P.

That's exactly what happened at 'The Voice' watch party at Local Tavern, where Kenny P and wife Nicole lived just down the street before they moved to Nashville to take Kenny's career to a new level.

But this local 'The Voice' favorite grew up in Willoughby Hills.

"My parents had a rule, no singing at the dinner table because my sister and I were always singing and harmonizing," said Kenny P.

His dad, Chad Pengal, concurs.

"Oh! Yeah! That's absolutely true. They wouldn't STOP SINGING if we didn't stop them all day long that's absolutely true," said Pengal.

Kenny used to sing at Local Tavern, sometimes alongside wife Nicole on her ukulele.

"He's really a nice kid too. It's not gone to his head. He's very appreciative of what he's got.," said Chad Pengal.

Turns out Kenny P didn't advance on 'The Voice' on Monday. It wasn't what they were hoping for, but those who know him best and love him most are celebrating the valuable and hard earned notoriety Kenny P is getting.

"I wish him nothing but the best. I'm so excited for him. He deserves this more than anyone I know," said Local Tavern Manager, Tiffany Negrelli.

"He is still our favorite. He's Local Tavern family and always has a home here," says Local Tavern owner, Tim Roush.