LeBron James is taking his talents to...the world of game shows!

Monday night at 10 p.m. on NBC (and of course, on WKYC Channel 3), the James-produced "The Wall" will premiere following the “America’s Got Talent: Holiday Spectacular."

With more than $12 million on the line every night, and up to $3 million on a drop at four-stories high, “The Wall” was built for one purpose — to change everyday people’s lives in an instant.

Hosted and executive produced by actor, comedian, author and TV personality Chris Hardwick, “The Wall” will offer a pair of deserving teammates life-altering cash prizes. The rules are simple: Get a question correct and a green ball will fall down the wall and add the value of the slot to the players’ winning total. Miss a question and an ominous red ball will fall and deduct the value from the team. Teammates have to work together to build a huge cash prize.

This is the fourth television show from SpringHill Entertainment that James founded with Maverick Carter. "The Wall" follows "Survivor's Remorse," "Cleveland Hustles," and "Becoming."

Take a look at what you can expect when 'The Wall' hits the air starting on Monday below: