Wednesday's Donovan Live! was jam-packed with information. We began with breaking news of new developments in the case of a missing Lakewood mother. Plus,Chris Tye gives the the latest on the day's top stories on "77 seconds at 7," Jasmine Monroe takes us aboard Brew Boat CLE, Chris, Danielle, and Jimmy discuss rompers for men, a fidget spinner accident, and a movie date disaster on 3-on-3. And lastly, Jimmy rounds out the show with his thoughts on the Eastern Conference Finals in Jimmy's Take.

Jasmine Monroe and Betsy Kling got out of the office and on to a boat. Jasmine introduces us to Freddie Coffey, the owner of Brew Boat CLE. Brew Boat is a pedal-powered party boat that kicks off it's season this weekend.

Jimmy, Chris, and Danielle discussed a new fashion trend for men, a disaster movie date, and how a fidget spinner landed one little girl in the hospital on 3-on-3.

And last but certainly not least, the Cleveland Cavaliers face the Boston Celtics tonight in Game one of the Eastern Conference Finals. Jimmy's weighs in with his opinion on Jimmy's Take.