Tuesday's Donovan Live! started with plenty of headlines for Chris Tye to recap in '77 Seconds at 7.' Chris and Jimmy also reflected on the 25th anniversary of the U.S. Olympic Basketball 'Dream Team' capturing the gold medal in Barcelona. Speaking of the Olympics, NBC's Jay Gray reports on the preparations for the upcoming Winter Olympics, set to begin in exactly 6 months in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Danielle Serino also joined Jimmy for another fun-filled edition of 'One for the Money.'

The 121st Cuyahoga County Fair is underway in Berea. Fair President Tim Fowler and Media Coordinator Candyce Traci joined Jimmy for a look at what you can expect this year, and of course, we sampled some of the delicious fair food!

Tuesday's '3-on-3' trending topics with Jimmy, Chris, and Danielle included technology to keep your pets occupied while you're gone, a burglary gone-wrong, and a way to get your pizza without any human contact. Matt Wintz checked our weather forecast to see how long the sunshine will stick around this week.

We wrapped up the show with a preview of Tuesday night's finale of NBC's 'World of Dance,' plus Casmir the cat was our 'Talented Pet in the CLE' for this week. His owner John is the parishioner of St. Casmir Church. Apparently Casmir can predict the end of winter based off how he eats pierogies on Groundhog Day.

Fair food was one of the topics that Jimmy and Dave "Dino" DeNatale discussed on the 'Donovan Live Postgame Show.' What do the guys love to eat at a fair or carnival? Plus, after listening to the late John Facenda earlier in the day, Dino asks Jimmy who he'd want to narrate his life story. And it's the last Postgame Show of the week, so the guys preview Thursday's Browns preseason opener against the Saints.