Let's take a look at Danielle Serino's 'One for the Money' from Thursday's edition of Donovan Live:

All Fun and Games until….

Spyware has been found in hundreds of apps for Android phones. More than five hundred apps to be more precise...apps which have been downloaded a combined one hundred million times.

Researchers at the security firm Lookout, say the app developers unknowingly used an ad software development kit that contained code for stealing data from their products users.

Two of the most popular apps...a photography app called Selfie City and an app called Lucky Cash which lets you win money by trying out new apps or games.

Google has removed some of the apps from its Play Store or replaced them with versions that had the bad code removed.

But, make sure you update all of your apps so you're protected. Security experts also suggest using a third-party security site or anti-malware program.

Put Away the Plastic!

I’m a big proponent of using credit cards, simply as protection from bad purchases. The card issuers will also cover you for fraudulent activity.

But there are certain situations where you should never use credit cards….especially if you don't pay off your balance every month

Here are 3:

1. Utility bills...like cable or internet. Because the interest you'll be charged, makes even small bills ridiculously high.

2. Medical Bills…again because of the interest. And these days medical providers are more lenient with how they are paid. Many will put you on a no interest repayment plan, or will take reduced payments without penalty if you say you really can't afford to pay.

3. Student Loans. Even if you have a zero percent introductory interest rate…it’s going to expire. And it will be ugly when it does. If it's a federal loan, try to get an income based repayment plan or deferment instead.

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