Dow Jones Data Breach

Just on the heels of Verizon admitting it left the information of 6 million customers exposed on Amazon’s cloud storage, comes news that more than 2 million Dow Jones customers are now at risk.

The names, addresses, account information and last four digits of credit card numbers of some customers who subscribe to the companies publications, which include The Wall Street Journal and Barron's, was available to anyone who had an Amazon Web Services account.

Dow Jones did not notify customers because they say the information had not been stolen and the data did not include full credit card or account login information, and didn't pose a significant risk of ID theft.

That's very nice of them. I say if you're one of their customers, check your credit reports over the next few months.

Privacy Protections

Now from stealing data, to just handing it over to people who want it.

You know that when we’re on social media or computer or tech services, we give away access to everything about us including our photos and contacts.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation says companies are finding out way more than you ever knew.

It released its 7th annual “Who Has Your Back” report which evaluates major tech companies' policies and practices, regarding handing over data to the government.

Just last year the agency says the government requested user data information 86 thousand times. From Facebook, Google and Apple. But this study looked at 26 companies to see if they have a policy for making sure third-party vendors can't sell the data to the government.

Four companies earned ratings of only one out of five possible stars. They were all major telecom corporations:

  • AT&T
  • Comcast
  • T-Mobile
  • Verizon

Two other companies earned only two stars: and the instant-messaging service WhatsApp.

Click here for the full list.

From Steals to Deals

Even though AT&T ended up on the top of that list, you still may want to sign up for service because they have a great deal going on now.

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The beauty of these plans is you pay upfront so don’t have to worry about data overages or other fees. There are no contracts. And no credit check is required.

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