Here is Danielle Serino's 'One for the Money,' as we spotlight everything from finding the best deals for new cars to getting around high bank fees.

Fighting Fees

Remember last week we said that Cleveland has some of the highest banks fees in the country. Well here's how to get around them.

-Cancel overdraft protection if you have it. Your card will be declined if you spend more than what's in your account, which might be embarrassing. But you'll avoid fee which averages more than $33.

-Instead, set up daily alerts so you always know your balance.

-Link your checking and savings accounts. But that's only for disciplined people. Because you don't want to keep dipping into your savings.

-To avoid ATM fees, obviously don't use out of network banks. But if there's not one near you, go to the grocery store or pharmacy for just a tiny purchase like gum, and get cashback.

Another way to reduce fees, and I say this all the time, switch banks. Credit Unions and online banks usually offer low to no fees.

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Driving for Dollars
From reducing the money that goes out of your account to adding money into it.

Many of us commute to work, run errands, or shuttle kids back and forth to activities. How about making money while you’re doing it?

There are a number of package delivery services that work similar to Uber or Lyft for deliveries.

Roadie lets anyone with a package to deliver hook up with a courier heading that way. It could be an envelope or a Saint Bernard. It might be across town or across the country. You can earn between e$8 and $50 a delivery for short distances. Long distance gigs can pay up to $650. Delivering pets can be even more.

There's Amazon Flex which pays up to $25 an hour for their same day delivery services.

Another is Instacart, for people who need someone to do their grocery shopping.

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Deals on Wheels
For those interested in these jobs, you probably want a reliable car. And Black Friday, which is coming up, is one of the better days. Here's how to get the best deal:

-Look up the fair price range with online sites including the National Automobile Dealers Association, which show average prices people who have paid for that car in your area.

-Shop multiple dealerships, even ones out of your area. These days you can get quotes from them online.

-If you're trading in an old card, decide on a minimum you'll accept. And online guides will tell you your car's average trade-in price

-Finally get pre-approved for a loan before going to the dealership. Then you're a "cash buyer" and can focus just on negotiating the best price, not monthly payments.