From great ways to cut down on cell phone costs to a legitimate way to make money working from home, this is Danielle Serino's One For The Money.

Work From Home…Really!

People are always asking me about work at home opportunities because there are so many scams out there. But here's a legitimate one from a very big company. And how appropriate it's from the company whose slogan is ‘Don't leave home without it’.

American Express is looking for remote customer service reps. They're full time positions with flexible schedules, a starting salary of nearly sixteen dollars an hour with opportunities for more based on performance. And they supposedly have great benefits like tuition assistance, retirement programs, and health coverage.

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Ticket to Identity Theft

With that extra income, you might be tempted to take that direct flight to Iceland that’s now being offered from Cleveland, or some other bucket list place. But be careful who sees your boarding pass, because that's now become an ID thief’s golden ticket

In fact, the scammers don't need to get hold of the pass itself: They just need to see a photo of the barcode and use an online barcode reader. They can get contact information, logins and partial credit card details.

Now, it should be stressed that those details alone aren't enough to steal an identity, but they put all these different pieces of information together to glean other publicly available information...and there ya go.

So instead of just dumping your ticket in the garbage, tear it into pieces and dispose of it in a few different places.

If you have a paper shredder at home, get rid of it there.

Another solution, get a digital boarding pass if possible, so you can just delete it afterwards.

Cell Phone Bill Busters

Now people who travel tend to take a lot of pictures or videos. And that can eat up a lot of data on your phone costing big bucks. I have three ways to get your bill down.

1. Make sure you're not paying for more data than you use. You can find that info on your bill or download a free app called my data manager. You could easily save $10-$20 a month if you go to a lower data plan.

2. Cut out all the services you don't use; roadside assistance, tech support, additional cloud storage. And if you're paying for parental controls for your kid…don't. Most Android and IOS devices come with basic monitoring options. Or you can always go to a Pre-paid plan for them.

3. Ditch the phone insurance if you have an older model. Your phone might also be covered under your home insurance.