Thursday's Donovan Live! started out with Matt Wintz updating us on severe weather moving into the area. Chris Tye, in for Jimmy, talked with NBC's Blayne Alexander as President Trump's travel ban was about to take effect. Plus, Danielle Serino stopped by for 'One for the Money,' including a look at the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.

If you need something to do on Friday night, there's some real star power at the Cleveland Museum of Art. The 13th annual Roberto Ocasio Latin Jazz Concert is set for 7:00 p.m. and features Jorge Santana (brother of Carlos). Santana and Director Bobby Sanabria (himself a Grammy-nominated musician) join Chris in-studio.

There's a new video online that claims the "Wal-Mart" in Steelyard Commons is the worst one in America. It's a "mockumentary" of sorts, created by comedy group "Taco Truck." Plus, Matt Wintz is back to take a look at the weather forecast for the holiday weekend.