We started a jam-packed Tuesday of Donovan Live! with Chris Tye's rundown of the day's top stories on '77 Seconds at 7.' Jasmine Monroe talked with Jimmy about the ongoing emotional story of an Ohio man who was deported to Mexico today, and what people can learn about the process of becoming an American citizen. Also, Brandon Simmons had the latest on the changes to Cedar Point's Mean Streak, Amani Abraham spotlights the Soap Box Derby in Akron, and we played 'Jimmy's Favorite Things' with Dave "Dino" DeNatale.

Solon's Matthew Jones has just brought home the gold medal in the International Powerlifting Federation Competition. He sits with Jimmy to talk about his experience, what made him become a powerlifter, and what's next in his future.

From a $1,4000 iphone to a National Wedding Dress company coming to the rescue of jilted brides. Danielle Serino joined Jimmy for another edition of 'One For The Money.' Betsy Kling then checked our weather forecast as we prepare for some hot weather in our area.

We wrapped up the show with another edition of 'Talented Pets in the CLE.' On Tuesday, we met Roo, a mutt who loves soccer.

Dino had more questions for Jimmy about some of his favorite things. Plus, Cavs fans had better get ready because the national media is sounding the trumpets already to the tune of the 'LeBron James is leaving Cleveland' after next year. The guys talk about that and remember where they were during the The Decision on the Donovan Live Postgame Show.