We had a jam-packed Donovan Live! on Tuesday. Jimmy led things off with '77 Seconds at 7,' with a recap of the day's top stories. Carly Flynn Morgan checked in from Bedford, where the family of a teen who drowned in Tinker's Creek is looking for answers. Also, 'The Deal Guy' Matt Granite gave us some more 'Ways to Save' as Amazon's Prime Day continues, Eric Sever checked out 'The Painted Lady' historic house in Tremont which is now for sale, and in our latest 'Talented Pets in the CLE,' Cooper the dog joined Jimmy in-studio!


There's a new store opening on Wednesday that focuses on it's mission of "get some, give back." But what do you get at 'Box-Lunch'? Store Manager Ben Howard joined Jimmy to talk about this unique store opening up at Strongsville's SouthPark Mall.

Wednesday's '3-on-3' segment with Jimmy, Betsy Kling, and Danielle Serino included the newest possible Chipolte menu item, a new study frowning upon Cleveland traffic, and what can happen when humans come together. Betsy also updated us on the weather forecast.

Then on the Donovan Live! postgame show, Jimmy and Dave "Dino" DeNatale talk MLB All-Star Game. What are Jimmy's favorite 'Midsummer Classic' memories? Can anyone on this year's Indians team duplicate what Sandy Alomar did 20 years ago?