Thursday's Donovan Live! began with Chris Tye joining Jimmy for '77 Seconds at 7,' including the latest from Hilary Golston at the scene of a Cleveland water vehicle falling into a sinkhole. Also, Dave "Dino" DeNatale stopped by for 'Your Turn,' and read some of the questions you had for Jimmy in our social media mailbag.

She's tough, she's from Ohio, and she's sharing her story in Women's Health magazine! Columbus' Darcy Wion joined Jimmy on-set to talk about her amazing story as well as her quest to be Women's Health's 'Next Fitness Star.' You can cast your vote for Darcy by clicking HERE.

Jimmy, Chris, and Betsy Kling were back together for Thursday's '3-on-3' featuring a new study about couples who drink together, the deal that has everyone saying *HOW MUCH?*, and the latest way to fix your sweet tooth. Betsy also took a look at our weather forecast.

Jimmy wrapped up with Thursday's 'Video you need to see to believe.' This one took the segment to new heights as a spectator at the Tour de France got a better view of the action by balancing on a high wire!

Finally, Jimmy and Dino got back together for the Donovan Live! postgame show. The guys continued their discussion about the reported 'low offer' that the Cavaliers offered Chauncey Billups to join the front office, plus where do the Indians stand as we approach the All Star Break?